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Shoe Horn Metal 24 Inch | Prolongs Life of Shoes & Easy to Put On | Durable & Long-Lasting

Yangzhou Runtong International Trading Co.,Ltd. Launches Innovative Shoe Horn Metal 24 Inch to Extend Shoes’ Life

Yangzhou Runtong International Trading Co., Ltd, a renowned China-based company committed to the development and production of various insoles, shoe care and shoe accessories is proud to announce the launch of its innovative new product – Shoe Horn Metal 24 inch. This highly functional accessory makes it easy for people to put their shoes on without excessive bending, thus making it easier for them take better care of their footwear while also prolonging its life span.

The metal shoe horn is made from high quality materials that are both durable as well as long lasting in nature. It has been designed particularly keeping in mind user convenience with a hole near the top end that allows for easy storage when not in use. The metal material used ensures no damage or wear and tear caused by regular usage over time which could otherwise lead to deformation or breakage with plastic variants available in the market today.

“We have always taken pride at Yangzhou Runtong International Trading Co., Ltd for producing superior quality products ranging from insoles, foot care items and other accessories related to shoes that are designed specifically with our customer’s needs in mind” said Mr Li Zhiyu – CEO & Founder at Yangzhou Runtong International Trading Co., Ltd during an interview about this latest addition “Shoe Horn Metal 24 inch is yet another pioneering product developed by us after extensive research into how we can make putting on one’s shoes much more comfortable while ensuring longevity at the same time too! We truly believe that this product will be widely appreciated amongst customers who demand nothing but only excellence!”

This innovation serves as an excellent solution towards those struggling each day with having difficulty wearing their favorite pair of shoes due to bad backs or any other form of physical limitation they may possess. For these individuals especially, using a traditional shoe horn would often result in immense strain being placed upon them resulting in discomfort and even further injury sometimes too! With this unique design however such worries can now be easily forgotten given its smooth surface finish coupled with enhanced durability leading up extraordinary ease when using it normally every single day!

In conclusion, Yangzhou Runtong International Trading Company Limited stands behind all its products including Shoe Horn Metal 24 inch guaranteeing complete satisfaction among consumers looking out for convenient solutions where taking proper care of one’s footwear is concerned!

Post time: Mar-02-2023