What are the characteristics of different shoe racks?

Different clothes require different shoes, high heels, small leather shoes, sneakers, Doc Martens, etc. this
How can so many shoes less shoe rack, shoe rack type and shoes, all kinds of.

1. Simple shoe rack
Simple shoe rack has many advantages. From the appearance point of view, beautiful and generous, simple design and practical function, and small size, saving space, will not occupy too much indoor area.
From the material point of view, simple shoe rack can be divided into plastic, wooden and steel shoe rack, these materials are green, low cost, and more durable, wear-resistant, suitable for simple furniture.
From the cost point of view, simple shoe rack price is low, does not take up too much household expenses, and can be replaced at any time, also not because of the price factor heartache.
2. Eco-friendly household shoe rack
Environment-friendly household shoe rack is made of environment-friendly resin and other materials, easy to install and easy to clean. Compared with the traditional plastic shoe rack, not only the shape (shoe rack size is more variable, the durability of the material also let you don't have to worry about the load. This kind of shoe rack appearance fashion generous, suitable for modern life taste.
3. Stainless steel shoe rack
Stainless steel shoe rack device is simple, lightweight material is easy to carry. And the price is relatively cheap, will not bring economic pressure to the family.

Post time: Feb-10-2023