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Pain Relief Orthotic Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Insoles

Short Description:

Model Number:IN-1364
Name:Relieve Flat Feet Insole
Package:opp bag
MOQ:2000 pairs
Delivery Time:15 Working Days

Product Detail

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orthopetic insole

1.Provides extra firm high arch support and shock absorption technology to relieve foot and leg fatigue

2. Three-point mechanics. The support points on forefoot,arch and heel.Suitable for arch pain and bad walking posture.

3.The deepest heel cup can provide maximum support and help natural shock absorption. 

4.Fit For Most Footwear. Both men and women. Such as sport shoes,boots,casual shoes,hiking shoes,work shoes,canvas,outdoor shoes and so on.


Why do you have deformed arch?

1.Standing for a long time

2.Walking for a long time

3.Strenuous exercise

4.Work-related injury


6.Sports injury

The harms caused by deformed arch

1.Making your body imbalance

2.Body lean forward

3.Arching forward your shoulder blade

4.Tibia supination

5.Ankle rolls outwards

6.Knee joint bears double weights

How to use

1. Remove the current insoles from your shoes.
2. Place new orthotics insoles with your current insoles back to back.
3. Trim along the outline on the bottom of the new flat feet insoles to match the size of your current flat feet inserts.
4. Take out current shoe insoles and insert the new arch Insoles into your shoes.


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